I have been trained to help individuals, couples and families with a
wide variety of concerns.

Many of my patients work in the arts and creative fields including
the entertainment industry.

I see mental health professionals for both professional consultation
and for psychotherapy.

I work with people from diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual,
spiritual, and religious backgrounds.

I provide Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) to businesses
which includes onsite assistance to management and employees
impacted by workplace trauma, downsizing, grief and loss.

Much of my work includes helping people who are dealing with one
or many of the following issues:

Anxiety and worry
Stress at work
Enhancing relationships
Improving communication with others
Wanting to feel heard and understood
Setting priorities and life goals
Increasing confidence and self-esteem
Career related issues
Depression and sadness
Grief and loss
Seeking increased creative expression
Time management
Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Parent / child relationships
Being a second generation Holocaust survivor
Healing emotional trauma
Managing anger
Emotional eating