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I have been trained to help individuals, couples, and families with a

wide variety of concerns.

Many of my patients work in the arts and creative fields including

the entertainment industry.


I see mental health professionals for both professional consultation

and for psychotherapy.

I work with people from diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual,

spiritual, and religious backgrounds.

I provide Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) to businesses

which includes onsite assistance to management and employees

impacted by workplace trauma, downsizing, grief, and loss.

Much of my work includes helping people who are dealing with one

or many of the following:

Anxiety and worry

Depression and sadness

Grief and loss

Stress and fears

Isolation and loneliness

Intimacy and connectedness

Relationship issues including relationships with your

family members

significant others



extended family

romantic partners


business partners

work colleagues and supervisors

members of your community and your neighborhood

Improving communication with others

Wanting to feel heard and understood

Learning how to clearly express your thoughts, needs, and desires

Increasing your confidence and self-esteem

Managing your anger

Feelings about online dating

Work, school, and life related issues including

Time management

Career issues

Work / life balance

Setting priorities and life goals

Seeking increased creative expression


Social Media Issues and concerns including

Time spent on social media

FOMO fear of missing out

Amount of time spent on your phone or computer

Intensity of your reactions to social media posts

Experiences with dating and relationship apps

Healing emotional trauma including issues such as

Feelings of abandonment and loss

Being a descendent of a Holocaust survivor

Being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse

Struggling with emotional eating

Survivor guilt

Power inequality

Issues and concerns related to the Pandemic including:

Fear of contracting Covid

Grief and loss connected to Covid

Feeling anxious, and depressed due to Covid isolation

Feeling confused and conflicted about social interactions, attending family get-togethers, and participating in special events during the pandemic

Concerns around travel, returning to in-person work, and setting boundaries

Your own or other people’s vaccination status

Decisions about wearing a mask

Fear of rebounding and getting Covid more than once

Concerns about giving Covid to others

Global concerns such as

Climate change

The environment

Water and energy resources

Reproductive rights

National and world politics

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