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Frequently Asked Questions


What geographical areas does Linda Levinson serve?
Using telehealth, Linda Levinson is able to provide psychotherapy and counseling to people who live anywhere in California

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?
You can reach out to me via telephone or e-mail.
You will tell me about yourself and some of the reasons you are seeking therapy.
We will discuss if I think I could help you attain your goals. 
We will talk about fees and possible times for us to meet for an initial session.
Once we decide we can work together, I will e-mail you paperwork including the Good Faith Estimate which is required for private pay patients.  (No Surprises Act of 2021) When you return the paperwork to me, I will contact you to set up a telehealth appointment.

How a telehealth appointment works
I use a platform called  (which is a telemedicine platform to provide real-time health care and remote clinical service) for our telehealth appointments. I will send you a link.  At your appointment time, you click on the link, and it puts you in my virtual waiting room. I will then click you into my virtual office. You will use the same link for each appointment we have. During our appointments, you should be in a private, quiet, place with minimal distractions.

Fees are established at the time we schedule the first appointment. I do have a sliding fee scale as needed.
Fees are payable upon receipt of a monthly invoice unless other arrangements have been made.

There is a $10 service charge for any returned check


Using Your Health Insurance or Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

During our initial conversation we can discuss the possibility of using your behavioral health insurance or EAP.


Cancellation policy: 

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel as soon as possible. Full payment is required for appointments cancelled in less than 48 hours of your scheduled appointment at my discretion.


Communicating with Linda Levinson between sessions:

Occasionally, people need to talk to me outside our regularly scheduled sessions. If a call is under ten minutes, there is no charge. If a call is ten minutes or more, it is charged at the full session rate.



Communication between you and Linda Levinson is both privileged and confidential. Without your written consent, information about you is not shared with anyone else.


Parents and guardians have the right to request information about minors for whom they have legal responsibility.


The following exceptions to confidentiality exist:


           If an insurance company is paying any part of your fee, they have a right to request and obtain information about you and your sessions.


           If there is reason to believe there is an occurrence of child abuse or neglect or an occurrence of elder abuse or neglect.


           If there is reason to believe another person is in danger from a violent act you may commit.


           If you are in danger of hurting yourself or suicidal.


           If you introduce your emotional condition into a legal proceeding and Linda Levinson is subpoenaed to give testimony.

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