Frequently Asked Questions


Speaking with me over the telephone, we will schedule an appointment. When you enter my office, have a seat in the waiting room. I will know you have arrived and will be with you soon.

In my office we will talk about some of the reasons you are seeking therapy now and how I might be helpful. We discuss your fee.  you  will look over and fill out some simple paperwork. And I answer questions you may have.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes long. At the end of a session, we usually make an appointment for the following session.


Fees are established at the first session.

Fees are due and payable at the end of each session unless other arrangements have been made.

Cash and checks only


I accept insurance and am an “in-network” provider for many mental health insurance and employee assistance plans (EAP’s) including:


Please check with your mental health insurance company and / or employee assistance plan to verify your coverage. When you contact them, PLEASE ASK :

Is Preauthorization needed?
Is there a Preauthorization number?

How many sessions does the company authorize?

What is your co-pay?

What is the CLAIMS mailing address?

What is the number you use for your insurance ID?

If you are not the primary person on your insurance, please bring the Primary Person's name, address and Insurance ID Number 

And bring the answers to these questions to your first session.

If I am not a preferred provider for your insurance company, but your insurance company does provide reimbursement for ‘out of network’ providers, you would pay me directly and I will provide you with a invoice which you can submit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement.


Full payment is required for appointments cancelled in less than 48 hours unless I can fill the hour or other arrangements have been made. Most insurance plans will not pay for cancelled appointments.


I am influenced by Psychodynamic theories of human behavior.
My work includes helping people understand how family history and past experiences influence current relationships and reactions. I see psychotherapy as a supportive process that offers understanding, guidance, resources and hope as people seek to improve the quality of their lives.

Linda Levinson

- Licensed Clinical Social Worker -

310 / 202-0262

Office Address:

1494 South Robertson Blvd. #203

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Mailing Address:

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